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Face Recognition

Biometrics Tech  provides the Face Recognition latest non-intrusive biometric security solutions. These biometric solutions incorporate fingerprint, face, iris, voice, and signature recognition. These technologies can be used separately or together in one powerful package to meet your entire authentication and identification needs.




We design develop integrate & maintain complex mission critical security & monitoring systems to enable enterprise realize optimum use of their infrastructure | more
  Biometrics Integrated offers a wide range of facial biometric technology services and components that are used to implement large-scale ID and identity management programs. Biometrics Integrated provides a full range of support and professional services options to help ensure efficient implementation and down-the-line success.

Digital Photo Capture/Mug Shot Kit

Provides seamless capture of live scan, demographic and NIST-compliant photo at one station for more efficient processing and better facial matching performance. Photo Capture/Mug Shot Kit simplifies the photo capture process and reduces the potential for manual errors, so the operator no longer needs to worry about whether the image is centered, cropped or if the lighting is set properly. And, because the Photo Capture/Mug Shot Kit conforms to NIST best practices for mug shots, high quality photo capture is a breeze, resulting in better facial matching performance.

Facial Surveillance

Facial surveillance can yield instant results, verifying the identity of a suspect instantly and checking through millions of records for possible matches quickly, automatically and reliably. Our automated systems are used in airports, casinos, public buildings, town centers and shopping malls around the world to enhance the effectiveness of CCTV systems.

Mobile Face Recognition

Face recognition technology is now available for integration with camera enabled PDA's and Smart Phones. You can now deploy this technology in mobile and wireless applications.

What is “Biometrics”, and what kind of convenience and security can it offer us?

Biometrics refers to an automated system that can identify an individual by measuring their physical and behavioral uniqueness or patterns, and comparing it to those on record. In other words, instead of requiring personal identification cards, magnetic cards, keys or passwords, biometrics can identify fingerprints, face, iris, palm prints, signature, DNA, or retinas of an individual for easy and convenient verification. With the boom in Internet-based business and the increased need for accurate verification when accessing accounts, biometrics is the simplest and most convenient the solution. Its universal, unique, permanent and measurable features ensures security of information in E-commerce, such as
on-line banking and shopping malls. Biometrics can also provide you with convenience and security, by enabling a machine to verify the individual by itself and to respond to the individual’s requests.

Through the use of such physical controls as access control, and punch card maintenance, user restrictions on certain apparatus can be made possible with an automated verification system.


Countries Served

USA (New York, California), Biometric India UK, Dubai, UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Biometric Australia, Access Control south Africa, Canada, America, middle east, Biometric Europe, Biometric Asia, Argentina, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bahamas,  Bangladesh, Fingerprints Belgium, Bhutan, Brazil, Brunei, Bulgaria, Burma, Cameroon, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia. Congo, Time attendance Costa Rica, Croatia, Cuba, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Biometrics Denmark, East west north south, Ecuador, Egypt,  Biometrics England, Finland, Time attendance France, Access Control Georgia, Biometric Germany, Fingerprint Greece, Honduras, Hungary, Iceland, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Fingerprint Japan, Jordan, Kenya, South Korea, North Korea, Kuwait, Fingerprint Laos, Malaysia, Maldives, Fingerprint Islands, Time attendance Mauritius, Mexico, Myanmar, Nepal, The Netherlands, Fingerprints New Zealand, Nigeria, Fingerprint Ireland, Norway, Oman, Pakistan, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Time attendance Russia, Saudi Arabia, Scotland, Seychelles, Sierra,  Singapore, South Africa, Biometrics Spain, Sri Lanka, Sudan Sweden, Fingerprints Switzerland, Syria, Taiwan, Tanzania, Thailand, Biometric Trinidad, Tunisia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates,  Access Control United Kingdom, Fingerprints Britain, United States of America,  Vatican, Venezuela, Vietnam, Wales, Biometric Zimbabwe, Macedonia


biometric solutions incorporate fingerprint, face, iris, voice, and signature recognition. These technologies can be used separately or together in one powerful package to meet your entire authentication and identification needs
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